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Instead of running about, it is a good idea to settle down with each other and interact more. Opt for a coffee together instead of catching the first day first show of a movie. This will lead to a platform of understanding on which your love will grow. Take care to stay away from strong smells and sharp objects as them may cause trouble. Go for a long walk if you do not feel like coffee. Natural scenery will be good for you. You and your partner have a beautiful life ahead. Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links. Get your birth chart based on your birth date.

Are you manglik? Check its presence in your birth chart. But you are more fickle in your mind than in reality. You cannot stand when someone tries to make you stay, but once you escape you immediately run back. Your motto? Libra, Gemini and Aquarius: Air signs like you, they are open minded, sociable and capable of leaving you your freedom and understanding you.

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Sagittarius: Your opposite, this sign is capable of setting you boundaries, coaching you and setting you some limits. Virgo: You share the same intellectual connection thanks to your planet, Mercury. Element: Water Planet: The Moon, emotions. Being ultra-sensitive, you need to feel safe, with an irrepressible need to be reassured. Your family, your home, and your nest are essential to your wellbeing.

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Introverted, you have trouble managing and expressing your emotions. Frankly, you can only consider healthy and genuine relationships. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio: Water signs, sensitive like you, you understand each other and you are sufficient for each other. Taurus: This sign shares your need for security.

Capricorn: Your opposite, this sign can set you boundaries, help you to refocus and take care of you. Element: Fire Planet: Sun, vitality. You are not complicated, you ask only one thing: to love and be loved in return. To admire and be admired, and that's all.

You need a partner or companion who is worthy of you and obeys your every wish. What attracts you the most? A person that can stand up to you. Having someone disagree is what spices up the relationship. You cannot imagine one-sided and plain relationships. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo: These signs are your equals, but have the nerve to disagree with you, vibrating with the same energy.

Taurus: Who will have the last word, who dominates who, who is right? It keeps you going. Libra: They make you lighter, amuse you and bring you a second lease of life.

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Element: Earth Planet: Mercury, planet of reflection. Of a reserved nature, you cannot stand public outbursts and emotional demonstrations. Your sense of duty and fairness is very important. Whole, and faithful, you expect your other half to give you devotion equal to yours. Your requirement can sometimes hurt you. Taurus and Capricorn: You understand each other and think in the same way. Complete and faithful, they imagine the relationship in the same way as you do. Pisces and Cancer: You learn from their world of emotions and sensations.

Scorpio: They have the same requirements, same intensity and mutual understanding and they help you to let go. Element: Air Planet: Venus, love. Your ultimate goal? To find serenity and conciliation, a sign of fundamental balance for you. You cannot stand conflict and will do anything to ease tensions.

Cancer Love Compatibility: Cancer Sign Compatibility Guide!

You spend your time smoothing the edges. Your vision of love is synonymous with harmony. You have a need to always compose and live in a healthy environment, you accept a lot of things and sometimes forget yourself for the benefit of the other. Aquarius and Gemini: These signs are sociable, adaptable and free as the wind, just like you.

Taurus: You have Venus in common and happiness as an ultimate goal. It brings you closer, your love grows with years in tranquility. Aries: Your opposite, Aries gives you lead in the wing, helps you make decisions your weakness and makes your daily life more energetic. Element: Water Planet: Mars, action. You are the most sensual sign of the zodiac, you cannot imagine love without passion, without emotions, without feelings.

Hard to please, your level of demands on yourself and others makes the relationship conflictual. It's all or nothing.

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Scorpio: You merge and live passionately. Pisces: Will devote their body and soul to you.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Everything You Need to Know

Cancer: Same emotions, same sensations, you live in harmony. Taurus: Your opposite, Taurus is the second most sexual sign of the zodiac and your perfect lover. Your mutual attraction and your senses are increased tenfold. Virgo: Your mind and your need to control everything are found in them and you complement each other perfectly. Element: Fire Planet: Jupiter, planet of momentum. You are a double sign, on one hand, the fiery horse is racing and falls in love at first sight.

On the other, the archer is much more thoughtful and tends to analyze. You need to breathe, to travel, to escape, to share, to exchange and to communicate. Intellectual compatibility is very important to you and you need to develop projects for two to move forward. Independent, you cannot stand when someone slows down your energy. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries: Signs of fire like you.

Dynamism and strength of character bring you closer.

Characteristics and Personality

You always compete to know who will be the strongest. Gemini: Your opposite. They amuse you, take nothing seriously, are sociable and double-sided like you. Aquarius: As independent and free as you, you go hand in hand without smothering each other. Element: Earth Planet: Saturn, temperance. Like any earth sign, you take your time to trust someone.